Smallest x86 ELF Hello World

(That I could achieve)

Final size: 142 bytes


This page is a combination tutorial/documentary about my attempts at creating the smallest x86 ELF binary that would execute saying Hello World on Ubuntu Linux. My first attempts started with C then progressed to x86 assembly and finally to a hexeditor. I ended up compromising and switching to a "Hi World" app instead in order to fit the string data into the elf magic number. The final result is a completely corrupted x86 ELF Binary that still runs.

From start to finish.


Final size: 142 bytes


I am certain that there are ways to get it even smaller. There may also be more things that can be removed from the header to increase size, but I didn't spend the enough time fully researching the ELF header format. Another option might be to use the a.out format instead of ELF may allow you to get even smaller.

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